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The Value of Health

Improving health through proven science.

The University of Michigan Health Management Research Center believes in health and wellness and its ability to enhance individuals, organizations, and our global community.  Healthy, engaged employees are your most important asset.  Smart employers invest wisely in that asset.

During the past 35 years, we have built our reputation as a pioneer in delivering health measurement products and analysis services linking health behavior, status, and culture to financial outcomes.  Our work has allowed us to establish the scientific foundation for the wellness field.  We focus on measuring individual and organizational health, analyzing data, and applying insights to help you enhance your wellness programs.  



How are we different? 

Academic Grounding – The disciplined, objective perspective and research only a top reputable research institution can provide

Experience – 35 years of measurement, analysis, and predictive modeling

Our Team – The right blend of Science, IT, and Product experts

Data – Unrivaled in the depth, breadth, and quality of quantitative population health analytics

Products and Services - Suite of customizable products and services to provide you with the right insights.  Validated and reliable tools born from the best science and applied research.

Research and Education – More than 200 publications based on 35 years of data and science


Improved insight.  Improved outcomes. 

Learn more why leading health plans and Fortune 500 companies trust The University of Michigan Health Management Research Center to provide measurement tools and analyses to more accurately predict and quantify the relationship between health risks, medical costs, and productivity at work.  See how this can help you to reduce your costs, establish a strong wellness program, and culture of health.

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